We use the most modern TAJIMA industrial machines for embroidery. TAJIMA embroidery machines in combination with experienced workers, are capable of high-quality embroidery an various products. We also use the highest quality threads, which are resistant to all textile waashing techniques.

It is quality that is important, from the very creation of the embroidery program, which begins the process of creating an embroidered motif, through the preparation of the work, to the production itself. With the use of modern technology, modern software, skilled designers and with the constant acquisition of new knowledge and monitoring of global innovations in the field of machine embroidery, our customers have a hgh-quality and durable product at their disposal. We keep up with the times and modern technology, which is constantly developing. Now we can also embroidery on a certain material or embroidery location is impossible, you can also decide to make patches or emblems,which we then sew directly onte the textile. Emblems can also be sewn on self-adhesive strips which allow you to remove them before washing or use them according to your needs.

The price of creating an embroidery program depends on:

  • Numbers of embroidery stitches
  • The challenges of making an embroidered logo
  • Quantity of embroidery (program discount for larger quantities of embroidery)

The price of embroidery stitches: 

  • Number of embroidery stitches
  • The reyuirements of making an embroidered logo
  • Amounts of embroidery
  • Types of item to be embroidered

The condition for embroidery is creating the embroidery program. The program is created from a computer file in one of the standard graphic PC programs (*.ai,*.jpg, .pdf, cdr….) or already existing high-quality graphic templates (sticker, business card …).

If you don't have a logo made yet, give us as much information as possible about what you want and our programmer will find the right solution for you.

Do you want to order the creation of an embroidery program?

Do you only need a digital preparation of the embroidery program? At the Vučko company, we also offer you a vector drawing of a logo or motifs according to your wishes and the creation of an embroidery program, which you receive in digital form and which remains yours forever.

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